“Effects of Indian Movies and its Classification”

Indian movies have been admired not only in India but in every corner of the world. The Bollywood industry has earned trustworthy and highly regarded fame across the world. The main purpose of making Indian movies is to entertain the Indian masses, those who belong to the lower class and most of them are illiterate. They actually don’t want to face the crucial realities of life and want to escape from all of them. The Indian movies have been produced on this basic and profound fact that to keep the poor people of India away from these severe situations. All the movies are created with some logical assumptions. The popularity of the movies is based on such things that are created and judged by a person for special effects that the audiences can provide.

Indian people should be proud of having such type of film industry and the movies that are not only well-known or shown in India rather everywhere in the world. A lot of people believe that Indian movies are based on Indian traditions and their own cultures to depict the ways of their life style. Most of the people want to spend their leisure time while watching movies. With the passage of time, Indian movies are ruling over the hearts of the people because there is the similar language in the Bollywood movies that are easy to understand the story and mostly are being watched in the sub-continent. The unique quality of the Indian movies, that vary it from the Hollywood movies, is that they contain songs to provide some relief during the movie.


The songs of the Indian movies are highly affiliated with the theme     and the plot of the movie. The actors and actresses of the Bollywood   movies have the capability to make their films hit with the help of their astonishing voice and linguistic charm. Most of the films are renowned and become famous just because of their songs. As most like the song of the Bollywood movie “Roy”, ‘Chittyan Kalayan’ became very popular among all the songs of the Bollywood movies. Everyone likes and love to watch this song. Roy movie songs have promoted within a few days through different reality shows. Although this movie has been criticized for many reasons but its songs have received affirmative responses that lift its ratings high. It is considered that after a very long period the Indian film industry has produced an interesting album which is worth listening to comfort ourselves.


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