“Music can Play as a Role of Soliloquy”

A soliloquy is a kind of term which is used by a person when he or she wants to speak to himself/ herself. It relates to the thoughts of a person and inner feelings that are shared to elaborate or expose all of them with the audience in a narrative form. It emits the world of fiction that a person might think about it by being a sequence of the reflection that is unspoken. Somehow, the people often mingled up soliloquy with the monologue or aside, but it should be clear that there is a difference between these terms. A soliloquy, as above mentioned, is a speech or the conversation that a person speaks to himself / herself, especially when he is alone, a monologue is a form of speech or conversation where the only character talks to other characters and an aside is the term in which the character delivers a comment (short comment) towards the audience.


Soliloquy is a distinctive term that was frequently used in early Greek dramas and essays. Shakespeare’s writings contain soliloquies in the respective of powerful and original way. The famous quote, ‘to be or not to be…’ is one of his famous soliloquies that is considered as a universal truth. His penned works were continuing to help people to burst out their exhaust emotions and feelings. In the same way the music also explores the feelings and the reasons of our internal conflicts. Hindi songs have also some stuffs that are mostly composed in the form of soliloquies. Many songs have been sung as with the purpose of catharsis and let the excessive emotions out through the songs.

It is quoted that music is a soul of life, but it could not be negated by this fact that life is also the burden of too much stress and pressure as music itself has contained many varieties. The things of nature, we can find music in it either it is in the vast ocean or in the chirping of the birds. Life is too much depended upon the songs or music as a German philosopher has said, “Without music, life would be a mistake!”

Roy Movie Song

Roy movie songs are composed in such a way that became famous with its lyrics as well as music. Its songs like ‘Chittiyaan Kalaiyaan’, ‘Sooraj Dooba Hai’ and ‘Yaara Re’ have become very popular and especially ‘Tu Hai k Nahi’ is considerably related to a kind of soliloquy. In this song, Ranbir Kapoor expresses his inner feelings of love for Jacqueline Fernandez with whistling. The music and the lyrics of the song are amazing and they touch our hearts. Only one thing is certainly admired that music is the only thing that is despite the creation of human but it has the magical powers to amuse the audiences. The music has become as the source to twin up the life of depressed ones, and make them happy with some hopes of betterment. Without the music world can be seen as a bare ground that is having no any divinity or spiritual life.


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