What is The Difference Between Indian and Latin Music?

images (1) A song is an art to describe the inner feelings or express the  thoughts in the form of words or without along with the  background music. It has fixed patterns, pitches and forms to  exist as a song. The words of the songs are specifically penned  for the melody by the writer and the words which are created for  the specific purpose of creating song are called ‘lyrics’. Many  songs are created by those singers who are not well educated and  their vocal or songs can appeal the attention of the audiences.  They have become famous without acquiring further education and their songs have made a vital place in the world of music. Such songs can also appear in the movies, dramas, plays, stage shows or operas. In the traditional society of India, music has an important place for other cultures as well. While on the other hand, Latin music has originated from Latin American people. It is the integration of different cultures and music like African, Spanish, and American as well.

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In India music is mostly used during their worships; and for other purposes like in their work, to express their grief, and for attaining entertainment. Though there are differences in the attitudes of music, while some of them are called folk, classics with the variation of lyrics as well as music and the other ones are categorized as art songs or pop songs. A song cannot only modify our moods or facilitates us in our daily routine works, but it is also assumed that the song has a power to be an essential part of our activities. It can bring some protection to us and some control of unconditional healing. However, the culture of India intentionally takes the views of the holistic as religion is an inseparable thing from the life of Indians. The culture of European American inclines and leading their thoughts towards the terms of different sections and categories.

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The songs are sung by the singers in their own voices either in the form of Indian songs or Latin, but they deviate from each other with their different use of instruments as well as vocals. The songs of Indian movies are somehow the mixture of western songs. In Bollywood movie songs, there are the elements of Latin music or words. The recent movies as Bombay Velvet movie songs, Roy songs, Kuch Kuch Locha Hai songs, Hamari Adhuri Kahani movie, Welcome To Karachi and many other movies have contained some songs that are the production of both Indian as well as Western music. These songs have given a huge portion of the song to English text. Hence it is a recognized fact that all the above mentioned categories as folk music, religious music, rhythm, popular music, blues and many other forms of songs are the distinctive genres of music.


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