“Music is a Source of Expressing Emotions”


As being a human, it is in our nature that we cry, we love, we feel good and bad in our critical situations and we have experienced a wide range of different emotions. We let our emotions be free and voiced may be through different sources but the most appropriate form of exhaling our emotions is music. Yes! Music has a power to elaborate our way of thinking and emotions. It has a very unique and expressive quality to express or communicate with not only our emotions rather elaborate our cultural norms. Along with different modes and tonal tendencies that are used for many purposes, music is the only medium to convey the feelings and emotions according to all the human nature consistently. There is a keen connection between the music and our emotions that we can seek our psychological terms and their effects. The association between music and emotions can differ from person to person. Many people associate the same song with their emotions in their own ways.
Music is determined by humans through most important skills that have determined the temper of the people and guide us to give a proper shape to our emotions as well as behavior. Most of the time the musicians use many cues for the purpose of accomplishing this with verbal or non-verbal music. It is also a very reliable source for communicating with our emotions. It can be played for different occasions and situations for the amusement and to celebrate of the festivity like dholki, mehndi, weddings, birthday parties and many more others. We express our feelings of happiness and excitement through such songs and feel reliable with them.

It is a natural phenomenon that we express our emotions of anger, happiness or sadness nearly in the same conditions either in the form of music or in some movements along with cultures. When a singer submerged the lyrics into tunes then it exists in a form of song. Indian movie songs always contained such materials to amuse the audience and provide them such stuffs for their relief. From the very beginning of the Bollywood history, the movies have made up with the variation of songs up till now. The Bollywood movies like Hamari Adhuri Kahani songs, Bombay Velvet songs, Roy movie songs, Ek Paheli Leela songs and many more other latest movie songs have such impressions to amuse the audiences.

As the famous poet William Wordsworth elaborates about the beauty of a song in his poetry, “The Solitary Reaper”. In this poem, he describes the natural beauty of music while listening a song. Although the language of that song was totally unknown to him but he was intensely enthused and amused with the emotions that were conveyed through the verses of the song. He sadly recollects, “The music in my heart I bore, long after it was heard no more”.
To conclude the above discussion into a nutshell, we can say that the music is although the creation of a man but it has the finest quality to mesmerise the hearts of the audience.


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