“Top 3 Upcoming Bollywood Movies”

With every passing day, Bollywood industry is producing new films and dramas with different attractive stories and gorgeous group of actors as well as actresses. It is difficult to decide or give any ranking to the Indian movies as we have a number of interesting and super hit movies today. To make this task easier, I have decided to summon up a sequence of Best Bollywood Movies 2015. Before selecting any movie as the best, just give your glance over the below list:

•         3. Bombay Velvet This film is one of the best romantic dramas that are made up until now. This movie is directed and co-produced by Anurag Kashyap. Bombay Velvet is basically related to the book, ‘Mumbai Fables’ that is penned by GyanPrakash. The movie describes about the city Mumbai that how it was developed and turned into a metropolis. The movie revolves around the protagonist who was just an ordinary man and later he became a ‘Big Shot’ by refraining from all good deeds. The music of the movie is attributed by Jazz clubs and Jazz music. The cast of the movie is enthralling as well as adorable for all the viewers. In this movie, the leading role is played by Ranbir Kapoor as a male protagonist and Anushka Sharma has performed as a female protagonist; the antagonist in the film has been played by Karan Johar. This movie has been released on 15 May, 2015. •         2. Badlapur Badlapur is another movie that has ranked as a second position. It is an Indian movie 2015 that is based on the story of crime. This drama film is directed by Sriram Raghavan and produced by Sunil Lulla and Dinesh Vijan. The leading roles are playing in this film by Varun Dhawan and Nawazuddin Siddiqui along with Huma Qureshi and many other stars as supporting roles. This drama film has been made with the motivation of the real life story of Badlapur. There are two men in this film, one of them has committed a crime and they are now in trouble. Raghu, who is an advertising executive, has come to know about that person who pulled his trigger and murdered his wife as well as his adorable son. The fighting story starts with this truth and the twist. The movie was released on 20th February, 2015. •         1. Gabbar is Back Gabbar is Back is an Indian drama film of 2015, produced by Sanjay LeelaBhansali and directed by Krish. It was released on May 1st , 2015. It is the recreation of Tamil film Ramanaa. In this drama-film, Akshay Kumar (with title role) and Kareena Kapoor are performing as leading roles. Akshay as being ‘Gabbar’, played a role who has received a mission to explore those police officers who are corrupted. The whole story revolves around ‘Gabbar’, who wants to eliminate corrupted departments as well as all the corruption from the responsible member.


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