“5 Pakistani Super Stars Who Rule Hearts in Bollywood”


Pakistani actors and actresses are most talented and immensely have contained aptitude to prove themselves as well as their mettle not only in their own land rather in foreign lands too. The audiences are accustomed to listen the names of those who have participated in the movies or dramas of Bollywood as well as Hollywood. Recently, a number of great Pakistani superstars have approached to Bollywood to make Indian movies. The popularity, they have got because many Pakistani dramas like Zindagi Gulzar Hai, Humsafar, has been aired on ‘Zindagi’, an Indian channel started with the collaboration of both sides Pakistan and India. There is a list of the top Pakistani stars who have such qualities to rule the hearts not only their own land rather on the other side of the border also.

• Fawad Afzal Khan


Fawad Afzal Khan is a Pakistani model and drama actor who has recently made Bollywood debut from by making film Khoobsorat. He got his fame from the Pakistani drama serial Zindagi Gulzar Hai along with his attitude and he conquered the hearts of Pakistanis as well as Indians all around the world. Khoobsorat is his first Bollywood film with Sonam Kapoor. This film has received positive remarks from the critics.

• Mahira Khan


Mahira Khan is a Pakistani superstar model and actress has made a lot of Pakistani dramas and films in her career. In 2011, she made a Pakistani features film ‘Bol’. She renowned across the border line with her most astonishing drama ‘Humsafar’ and she got the opportunity to make her Bollywood debut by making the film ‘Raees’ along with the king of Khans, Shahrukh Khan. In this film , Shahrukh Khan has played the lead role as a mafia leader with Nawazuddin and Mahira Khan played the role as female protagonist.

• Ali Zafar


The Pakistani musician Ali Zafar started his career by singing many attributed songs. In 2010, he made his Bollywood debut as an actor with the satirical movie ‘Tere Bin Laden’. He has sung his movie songs and obtained an eminence popularity. Recently, he has rejected many Indian movies because he decided to come back in the Lollywood film industry to make his own film as a director.

• Atif Aslam


Atif Aslam is another famous name of the world of music. He is a Pakistani singer and has approached at the peak of his career in a very short period. In his career, ‘Bol’ he performed for the first time in Lollywood film ‘Bol’ that was regarded as the best movie. Then he appeared as a playback singer in many Bollywood films and sung many songs such as Race movie songs, Bas Ek Pal songs, Prince songs, Jayantabhai Ki Luv Story songs and Badlapur songs.

• Imran Abbas

Imran Abbas

Imran Abbas, a Pakistani superstar has gathered all the credits from his homeland as well as the other land across the border lines, with his super hit dramas like Dil-e-Muztar. He has also made his Bollywood debut by getting the chance to perform in the film ‘Creature 3D’, but it was his bad luck that this movie has received negative remarks from the critics.


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