Does Pakistanis Have Made Valuable Contribution to Bollywood?


Pakistani film and drama celebrities are rapidly participating to Bollywood cinema as they become such a norm that exchange their cultural values and in this way, they become barriers for the political system. Whether all of them would like to work with Bollywood stars because Bollywood is the only industry after Hollywood, which is reputed, professional, advanced and having more qualities along with many facilitative opportunities. Every actor and actress enjoyed working over there. As Bollywood has contained such superstars that their stories and roles in the films are most astonishing and fit our fictional or dream world. Every common man wants to become a part of that imaginative world. The characters and the musicians, according to the figures of the dream ones, have won the hearts of the audiences with their roles as well as voices.


Not only Pakistani drama artists have contributed in Indian movies but Pakistani singers have also taken a part in Bollywood industry. In this way, Pakistanis are also talented and having such features that are full of beauty. They are also suitable to contribute with Bollywood stars to prove themselves.

Currently, a large number of Pakistani artists have moved across the border to expose their inner abilities. Moreover, Pakistani famous actor Javaid Sheikh has recounted that “Every Pakistani actor wants to work in India”.

Pakistani-Model-Mikaal-Zulfiqar-Biography-And-Profile-003On the other side, Mikaal who is Pakistani veteran actor has somehow different point of views about Bollywood. He is also one of those characters who have crossed the borders in that period when this opportunity was not certain for everyone. He has started his Bollywood debut by making the film along with the senior superstar Venod Khanna and Arbaz Khan in 2007.

He narrates, ‘I won’t say that Bollywood is biased but yes, it will be very silly of a Pakistani actor to think that Bollywood can be a life-long career. I have always been a promoter of peace but the countries share an unfortunate history with each other and we tend to always look at the past 50 years or so and not the past 5000 years when we lived together regardless of religion and hence, it is always risky for a Pakistani actor to work in Bollywood. Being a Pakistani actor in India comes with extra baggage’.


The Pakistani singer, Atif Aslam has made many songs to Bollywood for their films including Race2, Prince, Badlapur movie, Jayantabhai Ki Luv Story and many others. After composing such super hit songs, Atif has decided to make his Bollywood film debut as an actor. He believed that the audience will see him in the Indian movies at the end of this year.
downloadThe Bollywood superstar, Akshay Kumar considers that Bollywood has obliged with its varieties to the musicians and actors of Pakistan. He further says, ‘Some of the most memorable songs of Bollywood have been sung by Pakistani artists and the opportunities to work together will be endless’.

In the end, Akshay wants to convey his gratitudes to his Pakistani fans from all over the world for such a great love and affections that they have gave him throughout his career.


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