“Top most Famous Inspirational Dialogues From Bollywood Movies”

dont underestimate the power

There is a long and a remarkable history of Bollywood which has traditionally produced such stuffs that are more inspirational as well as unambiguous regarding to their dialogues or themes of the films. For many decades, these movies are remembered and applauded for their highly remarkable dialogues and plots by the viewers and the audiences. Everyone knows that Indian movies have some subjective projects which are considered as to be more complicated with many different elements. The most famous and talented filmmakers have produced many films and experienced that every film has been produced three times by the director when he / she writes about it, produce it and edit it as well. There are various departments that have many influences to affect the film for its general look that will help others to acknowledge the messages that are given within the movie. Although these dialogues have contained such simple vocabulary, but they are sewn with some internal meanings. Not only movie dialogues rather old songs also have the qualities to represent or reveal the hidden messages with the help of lyrics.

There are some dialogues that are extracted from the films of Bollywood as they are highly appreciated for being the most inspirational ones.

• “Naa Talwaar ki dhaar se, naa goliyon ki bauchaar se, Banda darta hai to sirf Parvardigar se”

Actor: Raj Kumar
Moive: Tirangaa (1993)
• “Hum jahan khade ho jaate hain… Line wahin se shuru hoti he”

Actor: Amitabh Bachchan
Movie: Kaaliya (1981)

• “Don ka intezaar to Baarah mulkon ki police kar rhi hai, magar Don ko pakadna mushkil hi nahi na-mumkin hai”

Actor: Amitabh Bachchan
Movie: Don (1978)

• “Rishty mein to hum tumhary Baap lagty hen, naam he Shehenshah”

Actor: Amitabh Bachchan
Movie: Shahenshah (1988)

• “Kitny aadmi thy?”

Actor: Amjad Khan as Gabbar Singh
Movie: Sholay (1975)

• “Baccha kabil bano, kabil…. Kamyabi to Sali jhakh maar ke peechay bhagegi”

Actor: Amir Khan
Movie: 3Idiots (2009)

• “Jo dar gaya who mandir gaya”

Actor: Aamir Khan
Movie: PK (2014)

• “Aur yeh to sirf Trailer hai, picture abhi baki hai mery dost”

Actor: Shahrukh Khan
Movie: Happy New Year (2014)

• “Paida toh main bhi shareef hua tha, par sharafat se apni kabhi nahi bani”
“Mere bare mei itna mat sochna, dill mei aata hu, samajh mei nahi”

Actor: Salman Khan
Movie: Kick (2014)

Besides these dialogues, there are also many movies that became famous for their dialogues and themes. 3 Idiots is one of those movies which gives information to the students related to their fields of education. It is the story of three students who belong to different classes as well as family backgrounds and live together in a same room in the hostel. Farhan, Rancho and Raju have their own purposes to gain the education as Farhan studies engineering to fulfill his father’s desires, Rancho studies for the purpose to enjoy to learn the things about machines and Raju wants to lift up the fortunes of his family. The song of the movie, all is well has also contained such lyrics to elaborate the importance of life that after the existence of a human, the life puts him into hurdles. To reduce these problems or want to escape from it, they use various ways either they are good or bad. Everyone is searching for God but no one can see him even in the lights of day.

To sum up, I want to mention that Bollywood films have many inspirational themes and dialogues along with moral lessons. The latest songs are somehow produced for the entertainment of the people to some extent whereas some of them have other purposes such as to disclose the bitter realities of this crucial life.


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