“Bollywood film Industry: Myths vs Reality”

                                                Myths and supernatural powers

Bollywood film industry is one of the most alluring industries that have different sections in it. Actually it was developed through several stages from a small organization of entertainment into a well reputed industry. Bollywood film industry including all the features as directors, producers, script writers, artists, and other essential ingredients for the progress of Bollywood film industry and it has developed its roots step by step. From the very beginning, the industry has proved its talent not only in India rather all around the world. The stories of the Indian movies are most popular along with certain myths that are attached to it. There are some myths mentioned hereafter as they are just loosing their grounds having obscure stories and there is no any proof to confirm them.
Bollywood has no any obscenity itself somehow there are some major flaws that can easily be seen in other parts that are associated with this industry such as movies. Furthermore, it might be said that such type of flaws were the parts of the industry from its earliest days. The movies have produced such stories that have no any authenticity and are totally different from the reality. The latest movies and the songs 2015 are somehow different from that era. They contain such subjective objects and materials to determine the audiences to move them towards the cinemas for the sake of entertainment.
The other factor is imitation or duplicity, and most of the Bollywood movies have been produced with the inspiration of Hollywood or other movies from different film industries. The quality of the movies is that they are not penned with honesty that has command enough to acknowledge the things and facts. It is an admitted fact that all the industries have copied most of their films to some extent. So, it is not a unique thing to be admired rather it makes them all same. The unity and honesty of the professionals have made the things appreciable and the modern musicians have produced many organic items that are enough to create the difference between the old indian songs and the new songs.
The Bollywood industry is somehow prejudiced from men as to some extent it is not only running or dominant by male sector rather by female too. Farah Khan is an Indian female director, choreographer, actress, and producer as well. She has been working for the Bollywood industry for many years. It is said that this industry was running by men but now the statement has spontaneously changed over to women. The trend of running the industry has now set in favor of women.

To conclude the above discussion into a nutshell, we have an aspect to declare that most of the people might inclined to suppose about the reality which is quite different. For the audience, these movies are the source of entertainment, especially for those interiors who have their beliefs in such myths as well as the mysterious powers that are developed from the generation to generation.


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