“Stereotyping in Bollywood Movies”


Bollywood industry is considered as a complete genre of the enactments to reveal the inclusive life style of the people of all ages, genders, social classes or ethnic groups from all over the globe. Indian movies have various tales and narratives to tell to the audiences. The richness of the sub-continental cultures as well as the heritages that made Bollywood movies worth watching and enables them to display the relevant stories in front of the audiences. To fulfill this purpose, the directors elected those persons who are suitable for the desired roles and accurate according to their temper as well as features. Bollywood movies are the real source of entertainment as they have the accurate ways as well as techniques to depict the stories in an impressing way in order to amuse the audiences.

Stereotyping is a literary term that is used to classify different groups as well as genres of the people. It can be used to categorize the individuals or one group of people to another group. Stereotyping is based on one’s own experiences and in this way, one can generalize the things according to one’s own practices. It relates to our cognitive component that how we analyse the things and fix them into the situations. Stereotypes are the apt examples to pick up the specific incidents and organized them in a certain way. The sad indian songs have created such phenomenon in the mind of the audiences that the people can correspondingly relate the lyrics of the song with their real life situations.


For this purpose, Bollywood films have featured young ladies along with attractive body who are shown their body parts with nudity. In this way, they grab the attention of the audiences in a negative way and become the major cause of increasing the rates of rape cases especially in the areas of India. Although the Indian movies have been produced with some logical reasons and they also discussed the rape issues in their many movies to eliminate them. But the tragedy of the modern era is that they take these issues just for nothing. When a bollywood film actress shows her nudity for sexual desires in the movie or in the songs, then this movie will score low to fit the female protagonist in professional fields as doctors, scientists or engineers. There are only the old movies and old indian songs that are able to watch by the person along with the family members.

In Chennai Express, the audiences were split when they saw Deepika Padukone, dressed in a traditional costume ‘sari’, adoring the hair with gajra and using the accent of the people of south India while speaking. The humor in the film did not satisfy the viewers as much rather it promoted the dispute between the fans of the Bollywood regarding cultural as well as language stereotypes.

To conclude the above discussion into a nutshell, Bollywood movies have created in the way to elaborate the things as they are or less than they are depicted through stereotypes. In this regard, here is an instance to depict about the stereotype that, as we all know that the Muslims all over the world are recognized as terrorists just because of different ethnic groups. People from all over the world have made up their minds that all the Muslims are terrorists. Talking about the movie Chennai Express, Vishwanathan states,

“A Bollywood film will invariably show a Tamilian as having a strange

accent, a Goan as a habitual drinker while a Muslim is mostly a terrorist.”

Although the comedy is an integral part to make people laugh but sometimes it is used to fulfill the desires to poke different racial groups to point out their diverse characteristics.


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