Lyrics Can Discriminate The Genres of Music

Genres of Music

Recently, it has been observed that the lyrics of the songs can affect the moods of the people of all ages. Musicians prefer to produce such lyrics that should suit the moods of the people on different occasions. Songs like old songs, sad songs, classical songs, pop music, remix songs, Punjabi songs, and many others are the various genres of the Bollywood industry. The old songs and classical songs are filled up with such considerable as well as soothing lyrics in order to give the contentment to the audiences. But on the other side, most of the modern filmmakers are moving ahead towards the pop and fast music with meaningless lyrics instead of producing the significant lyrics in the songs. Perhaps, one aspect of the whole case is that our modern generation has required for such fast and rude songs that are accurate for their moods. Although the writers preferred to pen the lyrics of the songs according to the given situation and the musicians composed these words into their voices. What does compel the modern Bollywood musicians to look towards the old songs for their new songs? Do the contemporary musicians have the power to boost up the worth of the old songs by making its remix?

As we know that music is an essential part of our daily routine life. We use to listen the music for the mental relaxation and want to leave behind all the stressed matters. Some of these songs also contain the hidden messages in it so as to guide the people to face the unwanted situations. All the genres of the music are discriminated by a very few desirable voices who have dominated the Bollywood industry. The playback singers composed the songs with such lyrics that can differentiate it from the rest of the scenes in the movie. These songs represent therein movies as the various aspects and ways of grabbing the critical situations of life. Moreover, the songs have fascinated with the lyrics as they might be related to the instrumental music or should be regarded as the textual content.

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Songs emerged into the life of the people on various occasions such as wedding ceremony, funeral ceremony, religious ceremony or the other casual parties. The given below genres are elaborated in the sequence along with their excellence and qualities.

• Old songs

Music genres are the titles that are allocated to the varieties of music. The songs of old Bollywood movies are known as old songs of Bollywood as well. These songs have contained such adorable lyrics and an anthology of poems that have widely been produced around the world. Old songs are the vigorous means to express the inner condition of the listener either he / she is in the delighted mood or not. Most of the old songs are being loved and appreciated by the audience.

Sad songs

Bollywood industry has created a number of sad songs in their movies. It is medically approved that the sad music is necessary to give the lane to excessive feelings or emotions through catharsis. The genre of sad songs has also its importance among the other genres. In our gloomy mood, we preferred to pick up such song which has composed with an appropriate anthology of lyrics that made it sad.

• Classical songs

The other famous genre of music is classical. It has also its notable worth among the other genres of the songs. This genre has a skill that can be changed and matured by the singer. Old classical songs were created with the delegation of the composers. But the modern classics are somehow different from the old ones as with the variety of technical instruments.

• Remix songs

Lately, it has been experimented that most of the Bollywood directors as well as producers are testing the old movies by remaking them. On the other side, the composers also prefer to go forward to make remixes of old songs as well as the latest songs. The singers have intentionally produced these songs in order to entice the hearts of the people all over the globe. The trend is rising up with such tremendous genre of music. The lyrics of the remix songs can be enjoyed with the collaboration of the half portion of the song from another.

• Punjabi songs

Punjabi songs are composed in the Punjabi language which is excessively spoken by the people the Punjab area. This genre has also its own specific value and worth in the realm of Bollywood industry. Punjabi songs are now generally composed for the title songs of the recent movies. In this regard there is a wide range of Bollywood singers who have sung songs for many movies related to Punjabi genre. Whichever civic places the modern singers visit along with their various genres of songs, it is observed that the songs of these singers have played on the tongues of the people of all age groups. Not only the pop or the other genres of music have contributed for the popularity of the bollywood industry but the Punjabi songs are also as good for the listeners as the other genres are.


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