Do Bollywood Movies Portray the Precise Face of Islam?

hitler-admires-prophet-muhammad-and-islamThere are many controversial views about Islam from the rival groups. The world assumes that Islam has no any ethics and has many negative aspects which can create violation and evil enactments all around the world. The non-Muslims have made much propaganda against Islam. As they say that Islam is the main cause of spreading terrorism and terror among the people. But is it a justification to entitle Islam as the main cause of terrorism? Here we go for some outstanding argues that will describe the exact teachings of ISLAM.

I have read an article which has been written in the opposition to the teachings of Islam. That article describes about the issues of the terrorism in our modern time. The writer mentions some grievances against the Bollywood industry in the article and give them dare by criticizing them as why don’t Bollywood directors or actors provoke to produce any movie that can reveal the evilness (misinterpretation) of Islam. I would like to discuss this topic in my article along with logical arguments and reasons not to defend Islam rather to abolish such ambiguities.

As we all know that every religion in the world does not preach the teachings of violation somehow it permits its followers to take some rivalry actions when it needs in troubles to defend themselves as well as their religion. According to Islam, every religion is honorable and respectable for all the humanity because their followers also worship one God according to their own views and methodologies. Although they have also firm believes that there is a creator who has created this universe and the things in it. In the same way, Islam also preaches for Allah (the only one God) who has shaped this world to fulfill the needs of humans not only physical rather also the spiritual desires.

Adolf Hitler

The very first section of Hari Bhakt’s article is totally opposed to the Muslims and the teachings of Islam as it has been stated,

“When Islamic Terrorism is reason for world terror then WHY these Indian movie makers (who were/are/will be biased towards non-Hindus) remain blindfolded and mum to the facts and never make movie on the real history of islam and how they treat their women, non-muslims and slaves. How in koran, it is openly advocated to kill (idol worshippers- Hindus, christians, jews and buddhists) – in 164 verses of terrorism manual Koran.”

To complement the teachings of Islam in correspondence with other religions, the terrorism is not specifically established by the Muslims or the followers of Islam rather it is originated from Sicarii Zealots that can be traced from the 1st century AD. The attacks of such assassinated groups were also known as terrorism but the main conflict which had occurred with the attacks of the Jacobins during the French revolution’s Reign of Terror. And from that time it has been increasing day by day with new techniques and violation.

I just want to know about those innocent people who have been killed brutally by the anonymous people in Jamu and Kashmir, Pakistan, India and the other Muslim countries as well. Thousands of people have been slaughtered in Jamu and Kashmir every year by Indian Army. Are the accountable persons served their duties by doing these acts of tyranny with young ladies as well as with male adults? Isn’t it can be called as a barbarous enactment which has done by Indian Army?

Of course Islam gives equal rights to its followers for self-defense and it allows the Muslims to do Jihad against those people who are the enemies of Islam and eliminate them all whosoever tries to harm the teachings or the verses of the Holy Qur’an. But all these orders are used incorrectly by some erroneous groups who just want to represent Islam in a wrong way. To blame the Bollywood industry for not producing movies against Islam is not a righteous objection. Terrorism doesn’t belong to Islam and it is not fair to belong every terrorist with Islam as in accordance with Islam, ‘a terrorist has no any religion’. Then, how is it possible that Islam keeps all those terrorists under its circle. We all know that every evil plotter always tries to hide his identity to not to reveal his background. Then why all the terrorists having a long beard along with wearing Shalwar Kameez to portray their gestures as Muslims.

Likewise, the Indian movies and their songs video have produced in such a way that is not going in favor of Islam. The names like Mustafa bhae, Rasheed bhae, Agha, Ahmed Lala, Ghani and many other names are preferred for their villains in the Indian movies. The villains wear Shalwar Kameez to expose themselves as a Pakistani. The famous film My Name is Khan has a very beautiful dialogue line as, ‘My name is Khan and I am not a terrorist.’ Karan Johar, the most famous Bollywood director belongs to a Muslim family, has elected the issue of terrorism and depict it in this film in order to protect the Muslims. The leading role in this film has played by another Muslim actor Shahrukh Khan, he has asserted,

My Name Is Khan is not about terrorism, or 9/11. It’s about a relationship between two people, between an individual and the state, and between an individual and the country. In short, there are the three important components: love story, Islam, and a mild form of autism.” He further stated, “the relationship between the Westen world and Islam an how that has changed over the past few years.”

To sum up the whole discussion, I have reached to that point that The Indian movies and the Indian new songs like PK and Bajrangi Bhaijaan have the positive roles of the Muslims. Islam is an open and a true religion as it has no any compulsion for other believers to accept the teachings of Islam rather it invites others humbly to become as a part of it. The verses in the Holy Qur’an are cited,
There should be no compulsion in (accepting) the religion (of Islam). Surely, right has become distinct from wrong….


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