“Hypotheses of Bollywood Movies”

Hypotheses of Bollywood Movies

A hypothesis is an assumption or a supposition about something that exists on the base of limited or inadequate evidences. The Bollywood industry has produced such genres of movies that can create or provoke the undesired beliefs in the audience. This article examined the hypotheses that are being assumed for the Indian movies and songs video by the audience as well as the nations.

Sometimes, people merged the concept of theory and hypothesis in relatively to their own views. But there is a huge difference between both these concepts, theory and hypothesis, as G. Johnstone Stoney has stated,
“A theory is a supposition which we hope to be true, a hypothesis is a supposition which we expect to be useful; fictions belong to the realm of art; if made to intrude elsewhere, they become either make-believes or mistakes.”
The theory speaks for the things that are based on the truth but on the other hand hypothesis bears the concepts or ideas which can be harmful or else useful for the people. With this, the Indian movies have got the fame and popularity among the people and it attracts the audience since the dawn of its time.

The examiners are constantly cleansing the previous learnings and formulating it again and again. The stimulation of such assumptions sometimes forms difficulties and creates unwanted situations as well as consequences. Although Bollywood movies have contained such panoramas that can influence the minds of the audiences psychologically. The conflicts and clashes can arouse some psychological factors in the minds of the people such as juvenile delinquency, hallucinations, severe longings etc. Among all these factors, juvenile delinquency is the main issue that can ruin the life of a person.

In this condition, a great obstruction can be occurred in the life of that person who has involved in this mental state. The persons having this mental sickness cannot move successfully in the society. Although the Bollywood movies and their songs are the great source of entertainment in India as well as in Pakistan. But on the other hand, these movies have created the mental disorders and psychological effects in the life of a person as well. The person, who is influenced by the actions of the characters in the film, moves ahead to become as a part of such crimes or joined some gangs indicates juvenile delinquency. There are a few hypotheses that the Indian cinema shows in their movies.

• The first hypothesis deals with the violence – as the Indian movies have contained a great amount of violence that is related to the acts of juveniles.
• The second hypothesis addresses about the causes – as the Indian movies depict the causes significantly that can influence the juveniles.
• The third hypothesis involves the depiction of romanticizing violence – the Bollywood movies are the main cause of romanticizing violence as the people assume that the only solution of their problems is just to tackle their issues in the same way as the characters do to cope with their problems in the films.
• The fourth hypothesis deals with the crimes – as the Bollywood movies give full exposure to juveniles to delinquent with their family members, school mates, friends etc.
• The last but not the least hypothesis tells about the encouragement – all the credit goes to Indian movies that give birth to the evilness and encourage that persons who do such crimes.

After discussing the above mentioned hypotheses and their causes we can say that Bollywood movies increasingly have become as a threat. The films are creating violence and mental disturbance among the children of the society.


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