Animated Movies in the Bollywood Industry

Animated Indian Movies

Animation is the genre that is used to portray the pictures and the images from an imaginative world. The artist draws the images in their paintings and illustrates them with some logical perceptions. Animation is basically the process which speaks for unspoken illusions and shapes them in a new way to amuse the people all around the world. The images are displayed in a rapid form or these static pictures moved to depict the story in a proper sequence and created a new phenomenon.

The Bollywood cinema in this regard has contributed a lot to make the industry more flourishing. As it can be seen that the children as well as the adults love to watch animated movies and in this regard, the Indian cinema knows that the production of animated movies will lead it towards the peak of success.

To complement, the Indian cinema has dedicated numerous animated movies in the mid of the 20th century. Indian cinema has comprised both 2D and 3D animation for the production of the animated movies and portray the visual effects for the feature films. For this purpose, an animator from the Disney Studios went India and called to ‘Films Division of India’ in order to train India’s first animation center. It has established its roots in India for the purpose to fulfill the entire mission as assigned by the American Technical Co-Operation.

This short but comprehensive article narrates about the Indian animated films that have successfully enchanted the people worldwide. The modern young generation as well as the aged groups believes that these animated movies are just produced for kids to chill them and too, these animated movies are unable to earn more money in this genre. They have their own opinions that the animated movies cannot as entertain the adults as the other action films do. But to neglect these assumptions of the audience, some innovative directors took initial steps and have made the animated movies as a novel. These animated movies have encompassed the universal themes which the people are unaware to.

These animated movies emerge the ideas that are considered universal and expose the modern man’s dilemma. Although such animated characters as well as stories are always ambiguous and unobserved for the audiences in this surviving world. The animated movies and the songs of those films like Toonpur Ka Superhero, Koi Mil Gaya, Krrish with its trilogy, Robot, and Ra. One have created a new genre of animation in the Bollywood industry. After the production of such movies, not only the (bacha party) children rather also the growing adults are taking interest from such animated movies.

Is there any difference between the stories of animated movies or the common movie?

The theme plot of every Indian movie has contained the same elements and impacts that cannot be changed. The main aspects of the Indian films are action, fighting, romance, video song, dance and including other elements like sympathy, revenge, plotting etc have the same significance in all the genres of the movies either they are animated movies or the other films.

To sum up the whole discussion into a nutshell, I want to disclose the importance of the animation as by using this genre one can portray one’s desirable situation and predict the things in a way that cannot be easily exposed through the creation of the movie that is based on the real life; and including the characters who represent the good or bad aspects through vigorous acting.


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