How an Alien Based Movie can outrage Indians?


Likewise, other movies PK is also based on the love story but the main plot of the story revolves around an alien, the central character, who comes from the outer space and faces India with a lot of troubles around him. The main thing is to discuss that why this movie is so criticized and discussed by the critics as well as the natives of India? Does this movie spread sectarianism among the people? Here we go for some discussion and analysis under the banner of this movie.

If an alien land in the homeland of India then it might be possible that he would face the same difficulties in order to get the idea that how to live in an atmosphere among the human beings. PK has although become as a controversial movie but it has earned an enormous success even after the call of Hindu leaders for its ban. The film has collected, in the first two weeks after its launching, over 4.82bn rupees all over the world.

Amir Khan the superstar of Bollywood industry plays the leading role as an alien in this movie. The main purpose of the plot of the movie is to bestow the vocals to the concealed activities. Although the fans of the movie persists on to snub its vociferous but the film has proved its worth and become as a source of income.

The film illustrates that a humorous but a witty alien lands in the backward areas of India and loses his locket over there which was the source of his connection with the space ship. The appearance of the alien cannot amuse the kids because in this movie, the alien has not funny get up rather apparently, he appears with some hilarious activities. Amir Khan shows a child like curiosity to know about the truth and the existence of God. In this movie, Amir Khan ironically criticizes the mysterious beliefs of Hindus and just because of that a large mass of India are against to the several scenes in the film.

He has discovered the superstitions of Hindus regarding to their Gods and target the swindling of their gurus. Even though, all these situations have been symbolized by an alien but the symbolic religious attacks annoyed the Hindu community. PK has disclosed various facts of Hinduism and explain them with logical arguments. He did not hit any god or goddess of Hindus rather he raises up the issue of those dishonest and disloyal gurus who make their public fool just to earn a huge amount of money. The most famous Hindus’ guru Baba Ramdev has asked his followers to boycott the film and he criticizes Amir Khan for aching the hearts and the sentiment of the Hindus. He stated,

“People think a 100 times while talking against Islam. However, when it comes to Hinduism any one gets up and says anything, this is shameful. There should be a social boycott in society against those who are involved in making such movies.”

He further says that the Hindus should also protect their religion as well as the culture just like the Muslims and the Christians.

To sum up the whole discussion, we can say that the movie PK although has been criticized by the various communities or groups of Hindus and they boycott this movie but there are a huge number of the fans and lovers of the film and its song.


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