Do The Bollywood Industry Adore The Muslims?

Muslim Superstars
The Bollywood Muslim Superstars

Most of the people have earned their fame with their influence after a long struggle and they won the hearts of the audience who are emotionally involved with them. Among them there are various well-known names who have contributed their services not only for the legal affairs rather also for the sake of entertainment of the public. Bollywood film industry is the biggest industry which produces movies in numbers such as it is annually produced more than 1000 movies. Among these movies there are also many movies which are based on anti-Muslim views. According to a Muslim author Muhammad Mustaqeem Yousfani, there are some anti-Muslim viruses in Bollywood industry which invoke to the mind of the people. Though when he wrote about his article, he has stated that Bollywood industry is undoubtedly an open opposition to the Pakistanis as well as the Muslim community. The author has rightly thrown our attention to the some main issues that are necessary to be noticed in the Muslim community. Are his statements appropriate for the current criteria of the Bollywood movies? The vivid discussion is given as under below;

• Is it a true statement that the Indian movies have Muslim names of their villains: Most of the Bollywood movies are based on the stories to reveal two opposite obsessions, the evilness as well as the goodness. To illustrate these characteristics, the filmmakers have selected such characters that can depict these features aptly. The human characters are divided into two sects as one is for kindness and the other is for wickedness. The actors which are the representers of the evilness having the names of the Muslims like ‘Ghani Bhai’, ‘Ahmad Bhai’, ‘Mustafa’, ‘Yousuf’ and many other Islamic names. But according to a careful survey, it is now observed that the innovative filmmakers are avoiding to spreading such phenomenon. The names of their villains are not with the Muslim names.

• Most of the directors have portrayed Pakistanis as a terrorist in their films: In the old days movies, it cannot be denied from the fact that the Indian movies which were based on the story of the relationship of both India and Pakistan had critically represent Pakistan. They had just produced their movies for the purpose to target the cultures of Pakistanis and their integrities. But to oppose this phenomenon, the contemporary script writers, directors and producers have nourished their minds with positive arguments. The recent movies Bajrangi Bhaijaan, Welcome to Karachi, India mein Lahore and many other anticipated movies are totally different from such movies that were produced to target the system of Pakistan. The old movies depict the stories against the Pakistan’s norms, cultures, traditions, ethics and other economical values to hit them. But the current Bollywood movies have created to change the minds of Indian government and their ancestors.

• Do Bollywood movies speak bad for the Islam: As has been a Hindu cum Muslim country, India has contained the Hindus as well as the Muslims in majorities and the others like Christians, Sikhs are in minorities. While the main purpose of the partition of the sub-continent is Do qaumi nazariya. This ideology depicts that the Muslims and the Hindus are two separate nations and they must live in their separate lands. Thus, this is the reason that the entire situation is still not accomplished by these both governments. The modern generation doesn’t want to create any violated situation between the both countries and therefore, they are constantly producing new songs and movies with positive aspects.

• Bollywood is spreading the Muslim traditions and fundamentals in an incorrect way: The Bollywood film industry has many Muslim characters who have made their career through this industry. Talking about the three Khans as Salman Khan, Shahrukh Khan and Amir Khan, they all have earned a great fame in the realm of Bollywood industry. Among the movies they have made in the Bollywood industry like Dil se, Veer Zara and Tere Naam, all these movies have made by the Muslim actors. They have a clout to convince the filmmakers that they should eliminate such scenes which are prohibited by their religion Islam. Unfortunately, the other Muslim actor Imran Hashmi does all the forbidden things in his movies which are not allowed by Islam. He is a big source of distracting the Islamic cultures as well as traditions. Most of his top 10 songs are exposing the sexual categories and nudes. The people from all around the world interpret the religion and the sentiments from their outlooks.

To conclude the above discussion, we have some logical views to go with or to oppose with the ideas of Muhammad Mustaqeem Yousafani. To analyze his arguments we can find him on the right track but on the other side, we find him on wrong one because he is totally blaming on the Bollywood industry for such movies. Although there are some movies having contained some negative elements but it is not rationally correct to blame for all such abusive content to Bollywood. It is the Bollywood which has provided the chances to Pakistani singers as well as actors to disclose their talents in the Bollywood movies like Khoobsurat, Creature 3D, Raees, and many other movies.


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