“Top Themes of Indian Movies”

Indian Movies have Top Themes That Are True to Nature

Bollywood industry is the complete genre as it portrays the life of a common man as it is for the people to see and listen to. The old movies did very well in this regard and portrayed the stories in an accurate way without an exaggeration. But the modern movies have contained the elements of animation to exaggerate the situation. There are some actions or scenes in the movies that cannot be related to the life of any common man and these movies are like Krrish, Ra. One, Kick, Toonpur Ka Super Hero, and Bhoot and Friends. But the themes of such movies are central and very close to nature that one can relate it to one’s life.

The theme is considered as the central idea of the story that depicts the whole story through the leading characters of the film. It relies on the main portion of the plot that is being described in different forms and situations. To avail from these major ideas, the people can use such central themes that can simply appeal to the mind of a common man. The innovative movie directors as well as producers have designed such circumstances to demonstrate some messages for the audience. Sometimes, the themes of the movies are similar to one another and also revolve around the same central ideas.
Besides, Indian movies have some major themes that are discussed under below;

Man vs. Nature

Indian movies portray the themes with irrefutable events and the struggle of a man who fights against the prophecies that are alike Mother Nature. The attraction of the nature describes the obliteration and the creation of the things that can catch the attention of the people. The themes like the decline of the living creature is natural as the structure of the universe says that everything in the world is mortal and will be vanished one day. That’s why the Indian movies contain the themes that are closest to the nature.

Man vs. Himself

It is sure that nothing leads a man towards his demise but he himself. The nature has the power to kick some butts and in this way the leading characters in the Indian movies reveal this truth through various situations. They depict the characters with different roles having internal conflict and doing struggle to face the modern dilemma. The envy, greed, lust, wrath, gluttony, incorrect use of power and his loathsome deeds can lead a man towards his fortune.

Good vs. Evil

The theme of evil and good, is an ultimate idea that relies on the reasons to make sure that the decline of humankinds was started with the battle of Satan and Adam. Satan is an open enemy of humans as he urges them to follow his evil rules instead the righteous paths of God. In the Indian movies, the protagonists struggle to do their best that cannot be harmful for others. The Indian cinema portrays the battle of good vs. evil through the films as an animated movie that can leads the people from the real world to the fictional world and can provide the material to gratify them.

The Loss of Innocence

Indian movies feature those male or female characters who can illustrate the innocence that has been lost for many years. The characters of the movies do such deeds that can avert their innocence into their guilt. Sometimes, the enthusiasm of the protagonists fades away through the encouragement of such disturbing incidents like abuse, the death of some close one or the hardships of life.


It is the most common theme of Indian cinema as almost all of the movies are based on the same theme, revenge. This theme has its existence in the movies since the dawn of time and this theme is still popular in the films as it was in the past. Whereas, the theme of revenge cannot be justified as it always revolves around the same idea in every movie. Films like Ghajini, Agneepath, Ek Hasina Thi, Kahaani, and Rakhta Charitra – 1 & 2 completely rely on the idea of revenge.

Death as a Part of Life

In this world, the people have diverse creeds and cultures. Although, they all don’t believe in Allah (The only Creator) and His Messengers, but Death is the only cruel fact that everyone is forced to believe in it. Some Indian movies occasionally, portray this theme in a ridiculous way as they emerge the dead person alive whenever they want to show him / her in the scenes. But on the other hand, some movies embedded with this theme honestly as well as accurately.

To sum up the above discussion into a nutshell, I would like to say that the Indian cinema is rich with those movies that have contained the universal themes like Haider, Agneepath, Rajneeti, PK, Bajrangi bhaijaan movie, Dangal etc. These movies have become now as the source of entertainment and their songs too.


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