Horror Movies – An Intricate Genre of Indian Cinema

horror movies
Horror Movies Can Psychologically Affects Our Minds

“Horror is so often a ‘thinkless’ genre, sort of considered popcorn movies, but you really put a lot of, not just heart and soul, but a lot of physical energy into it.” (Fran Kranz)

Horror is one of the major genres of Indian cinema that has produced in an immense sum per annum. This genre of movies tries to elicit the pessimistic feelings and emotions as the reaction of the audience. It plays with the emotions and the primal fears. The horror movies are mostly based on the fictional stories that are beyond the real world. As they are produced in order to draw out intensive feelings and still considered as an effective means in allowing catharsis as well. The plot of the horror movies often deals with the evil characters that have contained extraordinary power. In the horror movies, the situations deal with the evil powers, personages, or events horrifically. On the other hand, the movies like having supernatural forces or those who have made on the supernatural issues are not as much horrible as the other movies of the horror genre.


The history of horror movies is as vast and wide as it has established its roots not near around this century rather before more than one century. The first horror movies that appeared with some supernatural stories in silent short movies, have depicted the evil events to make the audience dreadful in the late 1890s. After the various creations of horror movies by the Hollywood, a large number of innovative directors have moved to the production of the movies of such genre.

Bollywood industry has started to make the horror movies with the production of ‘Mahal’, a real horror story. The film became as a super hit movie and had proved as a blockbuster in the box office. After the popularity of this movie, many directors have decided to make horror movies that are based on such stories as a haunted house, supernatural powers, horror fictional world and wicked spirits. This genre is equally popular among the other genres in the Indian cinema and the main reason of its success is just the production of such super hit songs that have contained the quality to touch the hearts of the people. According to George A. Romero,

“If one horror film hits, everyone says, ‘Let’s go make a horror film’. It’s the genre that never dies.”

Horror Movies as a Genre and its Sub – Genres

The production of horror movies and categorizing them into sub – genres is not an easy task. There are 4 main genres of horror movies and their sub – genres related to horror movies as given below;

1_ Psychological Effects:

Some horror movies have left psychological effects in the minds of the audiences. They devoted not only their mental or spiritual vigor rather also devoted their all physical energy while watching that horror movie. It can effect psychologically to the minds of the audience through different procedures such as;
• Phobia & Isolation
• Fanaticism
• Madness and Paranoia
• Home Invasion

2_ Killer / Fear of Being Killed:

It is the genre that has also attacked psychologically and created fear in the minds of the audience. It has different sub – genres as,
• Slasher
• Crime and Giallo
• Backwoods and Redneck
• Home Invasion

3_ Monster:

This genre of horror movies is effective for the audience especially for the kids. It affects them with its different sub-genres as,
• Zombies – Zombie is also divided into two categories as Undead and Virus.
• Vampire – like Draculas
• Werewolf
• Classical & Mythological
• Giant Monsters
• Neo-Monsters
• Animals and Nature
• Aliens
• Small Creatures

4_ Paranormal:

Paranormal is the last but not the least genre of horror movies. It also has various sub-genres such as,
• Ghost & Spirits
• Haunted Houses
• Possession
• Devil
• Demon & Hell
• Witches & Occult
• Supernatural

To conclude the above discussion into a nutshell, the genre of horror movies has made its place among the other genres. These horror movies have something that is related to the transcended cultures and traditions. The Bollywood industry has also made various horror movies based on variant stories like Haunted – 3D, 1920: The Evil Returns, Four Pillars of Basement, Aatma, Ek Thi Daayan, Alone etc. This is the only genre that entertains as well as frightens people with their horrible actions and songs video from all over the world.


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