Michael Jackson in Bollywood Music

michael jackson
The Legend Michael Joseph Jackson

“I’m a black American, I am proud of my race. I am proud of who I am. I have a lot of pride and dignity.”

Michael Joseph Jackson is an American singer, who has become as a source of inspiration for the people all across the world. He entices and rules the hearts of the people even after the six years of his death. He is among those prominent singers who have dominated their voices independently in a very short period and has become as the King of Pop music. He is still not only famous for his songs or rather for dance. He has invented various dance steps all across the world such as moonwalk, circle, tap-dancer Bill Bailey, spin, and robot dance. The New York Times have written about his dance steps as;

“The moonwalk that he made famous is an apt metaphor for his dance style. How does he do it? As a technician, he is a great illusionist, a genuine mime. His ability to keep one leg straight as he glides while the other bends and seems to walk requires perfect timing. From the first beat of Billie Jean, I was mesmerized, and when he did his iconic moonwalk, I was shocked, it was magic, Michael Jackson went into orbit, and never came down.”

According to a very careful survey of the prevalent trends, his songs are among of those songs that have timeless popularity. These songs are being listened and imitated by many musicians and music industries all across the world. Whichever he used to visit the places to sing his best songs, all his songs were being played on the tongues of the audience and they were dying to listen his songs.

“That Jackson lip-synced ‘Billie Jean’ is, in itself, not extraordinary, but the fact that it did not change the impact of the performance is extraordinary; whether the performance was live or lip-synced made no difference to the audience.”

To revive his traditional way of singing, Bollywood has also contributed many songs in their movies. It has been six years of his death that have passed since when he died, but it is his charisma of personality that he is still alive in the hearts of his fans. He has made his impact on Bollywood industry as well that the filmmakers adopt his songs and dance styles to imitate for many decades. The Indian male actors like Javed Jaffrey, Mithun Chakraborty, and Hrithik Roshan have been enthused by the dancing styles of Michael Jackson.

A. R. Rehman is one of those people who have self-confessed that they are the biggest fans of Michael Jackson. He has got inspiration from the music of Michael Jackson and that’s why his video songs are also created in the same way as Jackson’s. Michael Jackson was also a big fan of Bollywood music. Both, they have come together in the mashup of their own songs as Michael’s most famous song, ‘Don’t Stop Til You Get Enough’ and Rehman’s ‘Chaiya Chaiya’ from ‘Dil Se’. A. R. Rehman uttered that he has met with him (Michael Jackson) after the ceremony of Oscar awards in Los Angeles.

Amitabh Bachchan, a superstar of Bollywood industry is also a big fan of this an American legend Michael Jackson. Amitabh was also very upset to know about the sudden death of this legendary singer. He had despaired and shared his first meeting with Michael Jackson at his death anniversary by saying,

“.. I had met him in New York once, when he had knocked on my Hotel room door by mistake, thinking it was his … we were staying in the same Hotel.”

It was not only Bollywood industry that was inspired by Michael Jackson rather Michael Jackson too, was influenced by the Bollywood industry. The super star of Bollywood industry, Hrithik Roshan, was really surprised when he saw the legendary singer like Michael Jackson has walked to meet him in his makeup room and introduced as “My name is Michael.” It seems funny for Hrithik as the superstar like Michael Jackson to who the entire world knows, has come and introduced himself in this way.

To conclude the whole discussion, I would like to say that Michael Jackson lives in the hearts of the people as well as everywhere all around the world. Today, the films and video songs of Bollywood or Hollywood pay tributes to the late Michael Jackson. The recent Indian movies including Bang Bang, Heropanti, Krazzy 4, Any Body Can Dance, and the in the award show Shahid Kapoor has paid tribute to him. Although the mystery of MJ’s death is still a mystery that he died under the mysterious conditions but his death has left only the tears behind in the eyes of his fans.


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