“Conflict Between Good and Evil”

Conflict Between Good and Evil
“Conflict Between Good and Evil”

“People like to say that the conflict is between good and evil. The real conflict is between truth and lies.”
(Miguel Angel Ruiz)

Movies are an inclusive and comprehensive genre to depict and portray the things as well as incidents of life in the same way as it is for the audience to see and listen to. Mostly, the Indian cinema shows such movies that are based on the story of the novels as well as the dramas that are already being written. But all these stories are based on the universal truths such as evilness, goodness, reality, violence, and love etc. The representation of these themes in the Indian movies has also done so beautifully and artistically that are enough to motivate the audience. The Indian movies have contained such genres of movies that can appeal our minds.

The innovative directors have come up with new and novel ideas to create an image in the minds of the people. They have sketched the world of imagination in their movies to move the audience from the real world to the fictional one. They encompass the themes or ideas that can distinguish the evil things from the good ones. Either they have emerged these ideas in the genres of horror movies or the comedies.

The major conflicts enclose all the aspects of life in the movies. There are various aspects of life that we can easily see in the Bollywood films. The confrontation between good and evil has always shown such dooms as one of them (good) meet with triumph and the other (evil) face the perish end. It is a universal truth that there is always a victory on the side of good things and failure doom for the wicked persons.

The animated movies or cartoons always contain the themes of good and evil to amuse the kids in order to teach them some lessons. In this way, Indian movies like Udaan, Taaray Zameen Par, PK, Bajrangi Bhaijaan, Haider, Maqbool, Phantom, Ek Villain and many other movies are useful and never fail to appeal the minds of the audience as well. The themes based on the conflict between good and evil have always served as the primary as well as basic of each plot.
The conflict between good and evil is not only the part of the movies rather can be found in the novels and in the modern literature too. There are several forms of conflict that are being happened to exist between the two groups whether they are the groups of two ideologies or two persons.

To sum up the whole discussion into a nutshell, I would like to say that Indian movies are the complete genre to depict the essential aspects of life. In these movies, the heroes feel some extraordinary qualities and power in their early life which can make them different from the other ones. These qualities urge them to do good things and prevent others for spreading the evil things among the people. The main purpose for the male and female protagonists is to illustrate the good and positive things in front of the audience either through the plots or the video songs of the movies.


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