Theme of Songs in Bollywood

Theme of SongsSongs are a complete genre to illustrate the inner feelings of the protagonists that are not only interrelated with the life of the people that the country is home to rather also encompasses the dilemmas of the people from different areas all around the world. The songs can be varied from one another with the variation of the lyrics as well as music but above all this, the themes in this genre played the vital role in this regard.

The theme is an artistic piece that has contained a message or big idea for the people. The theme can be used in any piece of art such as novels, dramas, poetry, songs, movies etc. But it is a genre that is not only for the specific people or era rather it is for all the humanity equally and is considered as the universal in its nature. There are various writers and philosophers in the world who have created a variety of pieces of art. Many of them have written famous novels and drama plays in literature that are now being represented and produced by the filmmakers of the Bollywood industry.

The Indian movies are rich with the legacy and cultures. Each movie has contained a variety of music. It is considered that the song is an integral part of the movie. Thus, the Indian movies have diverse genres of music including pop, sad, remix, classical, ghazals, cultural etc. The singers compose the theme in the song in order to convey the ideas about life in a very critical way. The singers transcend their ideas, themes and the cultural barriers from generation to generation. The music has a power to heal our minds and remove the anxiety as well as stress.

“However, there’s no theme or concept behind heathen, just a number of songs but somehow there is a thread that runs through it that is quite as strong as any of my thematic type albums.” (David Bowie)

Some of the songs are composed and being sung by the singers for the purpose to deliver the hidden messages. The songs like based on innocence and experience, have the universal themes. These themes portray the destruction of the children those who have faced troubles and mishaps in their early ages. The innocence of those kids has destroyed by the cruel and selfish persons so as to fulfill their own desires. Thus, the production of such songs with the universal themes is necessary and demands of every common man as well.

The Bollywood industry has a number of songs specially the songs of the old movies that have the universal themes as well. Although most of them were based on the idea of love but some of them have had also the themes of divinity and universality. The lyrics or the poetry of such songs differentiates them from the other songs and especially from the latest songs. As we all know that the latest music is different from the old one and now has been changed with the invention of the most innovative musicians. They have amalgamated the diverse cultures and themes in the song. There are various new songs that have no any authentic theme and they are just producing the songs just to beat around the bush.

To sum up the whole discussion into a nutshell, we can say that the music is, certainly, one of the major resources to provide a relief to our mental chaos. Music as the food for soul, fulfills the physical as well as spiritual desires and in correspondence to this, there are various languages that are being used by the musicians. Sometimes, mono language is inadequate to soothe the ears and it becomes necessary to emerge the other language as well. The multilingual in the Indian songs comes out in a way that can enough to modify and amuse the audience. Among all the songs of diverse languages, after Hindi, the Punjabi songs have got more popularity and fame rather than other native languages in India.


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