Enforcement Directorate Queries Shahrukh Khan for 4 hours in Forex Violation Case

MUMBAI: The King of Bollywood has been questioned by the main regional Headquarter of Enforcement Directorate (ED) for four hours in the violation case of forex on Tuesday.

Enforcement Directorate Querys Shahrukh Khan for 4 hours in Forex Violation Case
On the night of Diwali festival, Shahrukh Khan had to spend his precious time over the regional headquarter of ED. He was questioned over there for the Kolkata Knight Riders team who has shared a low price in 2009, to the company which is based on Mauritius.

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To complement, Khan stated that in 2009, KKR and IPL did never make any good profit that would help them to make ventures or estimate the share prices at that time. He refused to admit any wrong doings that he did not do anything which afterwards increased the evaluation of the shares.

The ED has also registered the case against three other teams of IPL and KKR. ED sources claimed, “We recorded Khan’s statement yesterday in connection with the violation of Foreign Exchange Management Act.”

Shahrukh Khan’s upcoming film Dilwale’s trailer has been released on 9th November, 2015 on YouTube. In the trailer, it seems that the duo stars, SRK and Kajol, will show a new character that they never made in their career. The glimpses of the songs in the trailer have also included.

The fans of the old film DDLJ’s joddi are really excited to see this couple again in Dilwale. The trailer of the movie reveals that SRK and Kajol will be separated when SRK says Kajol not to show her face again otherwise he will kill her. “…don’t ever show me your face again. I will kill you.” The film Dilwale, which is all filled with thrills, has created curiosity in the minds of the people. The duo stars also were keen to work with each other in the film.

“Dilwale is an extremely special film. Not only for what it offers but also because of the people I have worked with here. I had a great time working on the film, especially with Shah Rukh, as well as Rohit. I think everybody is gonna have a great time watching it as we had a great time making it,” says Kajol.

Apart from that some people got disappointment from the trailer as they have some exceptional hopes with the trailer of the film.

The ED has made SRK’s day a little bit upset for destroying his Diwali night at regional headquarter. But we are hoping that all his statements will be proved him innocent and virtuous.

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