10 Awesome New Songs – Thankful For 2015

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In the near future, we will be among of those who will say: 2015 was a fine year for the production of the varieties of music. This year, not only the blockbuster movies that have grossed all the previous records of the box office but there are amazing songs from the singles as well, that you would never like to move ahead without hearing them.

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It seems as if the newcomers or singles got the chance to put their career into risks this year to go higher. They have created a number of songs to appeal as well as entice the hearts of the people from all over the globe. The singers who made this year unforgettable through these songs and now ranked in the list of top ten. Here we go;

1) ‘Hello’ (Adele): This song has recently released by Adele on 23rd October, 2015. The song is itself eternal in its creativity and looks as if we are going back to an era of flip phones. It has revived our love for the singers.


2) ‘Here’ (Alessia Cara): The song has been sung by the Canadian singer Alessia, who has made it as a debut single. This song is based on the unanimous theme which tells us about the persons who do not like to go or attend the parties. The song was released 30th April, 2015 which has become most popular among the others.


3) ‘Cake By The Ocean’ (DNCE): Another single song Cake By The Ocean, which is the debut by the American band DNCE, has become a popular song of this year. The song was also released recently in October, 2015 which is based on the fight on the beach.


4) ‘Run Away With Me’ (Carly Rae Jepsen): In 2015, Carly has proved herself that she is not only the one-hit person but more than it. Her new album Run Away With Me is catchy among the other pop songs.


5) ‘Wild’ (Troye Sivan): The song is the production of the Australian singer, Sivan. It is an official single song that has won the hearts all across the world. It has been released on 4th September, 2015 which is the one of the most beautiful tracks.


6) ‘Electric Love’ (BORNS): It is originally made by the previous Hollywood singer and now recreated by BORNS. The song is based on the candy lovers who like candies and has got more fame.


7) ‘Traveling Song’ (Ryn Weaver): This song is produced by Weaver, who has dedicated it to a special person, none other than her grandfather, Max. This song has also gained much popularity this year.


8) ‘Our Own House’ (MisterWives): This song is the production of the American indie pop band MisterWives which is most famous for its party dance. MisterWives has introduced various new steps for party dance and this album retains perfect pop riots.


9) ‘Girls Like Girls’ (Hayley Kiyoko): The song depicts about the female protagonist and her boyfriend. In this song, a girl steals a girl away from her boyfriend. The song stimulates the emotions of the lovers and has appreciated by the audience with the positive remarks as it gives us the message in a positive way.


10) ‘The Feeling’ (Justin Bieber): It is the latest version of Justin Bieber from his latest album, Purpose. This song has got much popularity in a very short time as it was released recently, on 13th November, 2015.


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