Sanjay Leela Bhansali: ‘It has become fashionable to run down mainstream cinema’


The veteran director – producer of the Bollywood industry is all set to release his most anticipated film, ‘Bajirao Mastani’. The film features were sowed in the early 2003 with the reality based story of the warrior Bajirao and his beloved Mastani. After a long duration of production, finally the trailer of the movie has been released and the film is set to be released along with Shetty’s Dilwale on 18th December, 2015.

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The sizzling stars Ranveer Singh, Deepika Padukone, and Priyanka Chopra are in the lead roles. Many stars during this long period of 12 years have been cast for the film, and later on all were changed by time. But the screenplay of the film remained the same as the director said, “The audience has changed, so has the business of Bollywood. The audience is more evolved. I haven’t changed the characters, but the making is tighter, more compact. And it’s obviously more entertaining. I need to reach out to the youth. It’s a challenge to make it [the film] fun and still stay true to the past.”

The director was asked by the resources about his previous film productions and the experiences, for Bhansali replied, “I have always made movies that have their own worlds. I am not here to take a camera and go into a narrow lane to shoot. That’s great cinema as well. But so is my art. We need my kind of cinema. People tell me they come to see my movies because they can’t imagine these worlds [on their own]. It’s hard work to take someone to a different place that doesn’t exist,” he added, “A film doesn’t have to be shot in Dharavi. It has become fashionable to run down mainstream cinema.”

The title character Priyanka Chopra says that she did this role of Kashibai just for the director Bhansali. Priyanka Chopra said, “I did this film for Sanjay Leela Bhansali. I know you all will ask me, ‘Mastani is played by Deepika (Padukone), and Bajirao is played by Ranveer (Singh). So why did you do this film?’ Let me tell you, I was the first person to be cast in this film. I remember Sanjay came to me with this script and he was clear he wanted me to do this film,” she added, “I thought Kashibai’s character was very heart-breaking. This is a feminine character and it was very challenging for me to do the role… It’s a special film for me. I am just super excited to be part of it.”

Priyanka is playing the role of first wife in the film and Deepika is the second one. Playing the first role of wife was not easy for Priyanka as she said, “It was not easy to do this role. I wanted to get the Maharashtrian accent right and there were many dramatic scenes, which I used to take back home. I am generally a switch on and off actor, but this character was very heart-wrenching.”

The film is slated to be screened in cinemas on 18th December all over India.

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