Salman Khan to go Severely From Brawny to Scrawny

salman Khan from drawny to scrawny.jpg

After the neuro-surgery, the 49 years old Salman Khan is looking to have some metabolism problems. It looks as if he is taking risks with his health because his doctor formerly warned him to not fiddle his metabolism system. In other words, he was forbidden by his doctor to not to perform action movies or scenes for Indian movies and its songs.

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As Salman Khan has produced a number of blockbuster movies named Kick, Dabangg and Dabangg 2 which showed the actions and high indulgence of his body muscles. To keep this scenario, he is going to make his other film Sultan in which he is performing the character of a wrestler. To sustain the action scenes in his upcoming film Sultan, he will take his body and reshape it into three phases for the complete succession.

According to the resources, “Salman has already gone through the bulky phase. He will get rid of all the extra flesh for the lean look in the next one month, which is phase 2 in his character Sultan’s life. Then Salman will go to Phase 3 for the muscular look. Post his neurological condition these swift changes in his metabolism are not advised. But this time Salman is determined to make his character as authentic as possible.”

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It is slated that Sultan will be released along with Shah Rukh Khan’s upcoming film Raees. The director cum actor Farhan Akhtar is expecting that these duo movies will probably be affected. When he was asked about the progress of both these movies, Farhan said, “That we will see… Let the date come around. We are releasing our film on Eid, will they also release the same time, that Salman Khan will decide,” he added, “I think it will be great for audience… They will have a wonderful Eid.”

It is an admitted fact that each festivity either it is from Muslims, Hindus or Christians, these Khans have already blocked that dates for releasing their movies. In this respective, Akhtar stated, “There is no such thing called block a date… You can’t block a date. Anyone can release their film on any day if they want to, and if not then it’s their choice. I don’t believe in that. I don’t think those people believe in that either,” he added, “If you have a festive release date, it is easier to recall, like “Raees” releasing on Eid, but one doesn’t know what date Eid is. So there is an association that happens with it.”

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