“Anupam Kher Calls Aamir as a ‘Friend’ After Slamming Him”

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Almost two weeks ago, the veteran star Aamir Khan has given his remarks over the issue of intolerance. When his statement was aired on the television news channels and the social media, the politics and the Bollywood stars condemned his comment and abused him. The Bollywood veteran star Anupam Kher has also given his abusive remarks and slammed him.

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After slamming over the intolerance issue Anupam Kher now stated, “I have great friends, including Aamir. I would like to believe that he is a very dear friend of mine.”

“I don’t have any problem with anybody. Then all are my friends. Aamir is a friend too and we did a lot of films together like ‘Dil’, ‘Dil Hai Ki Manta Nahin’, but that time he wasn’t Aamir Khan. He then, rightly, over the years cultivated himself and became Aamir Khan,” he added, “He then thought he should give opinions on everything… Whether it’s the controversy of AIB, or whether it is this (intolerance) or that.”

He shared his feelings that a series of comments on Twitter was an immediate reaction over the remarks of intolerance at that moment, but it was right to say by Aamir that among the nation, there is a ‘growing despondence’. “That triggered it off. It was a spontaneous reaction and I’ve stuck to it because there is nothing wrong (in what I said),” Kher added, “I just said that this is a great country, so as celebrities we have to say things which do not create fear in smaller places. I don’t want to raise a flag on the issue. If I was politically correct, I wouldn’t have said it. I don’t want to come across as a crusader who wants to talk about it everywhere. I have great love for Aamir, and for everybody.”

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