Shah Rukh khan Enthusiastic To Go with Deepika Padukone On a Dilwale Date

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As we know that Shah Rukh Khan’s most anticipated film Dilwale and his Happy New Year co-star Deepika Padukone’s Bajirao Mastani have been released on the same date. Rumor had it that both these films will be clashed with each other at the box office but the leading casts of the films proved it wrong. They didn’t develop or emerge any hatred among themselves rather they have shown maturity while appreciating each other.

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The veteran stars of both these films, Bajirao Mastani as well as Dilwale have admired each other. Whereas Deepika has tweeted, “I love you and miss you Shah!& loads of love to you, Rohit and the entire team of #Dilwale!” According to the media reports, Deepika has managed and set the date with her friends to watch Dilwale on 20th December, 2015.

When Shah Rukh Khan was asked about the curiosity of Deepika Padukone to watch Dilwale, he replied, “Deepika will be watching Dilwale before me in a theatre, I have not seen it yet. Wish she had called me to watch the film with her. I have been wanting to see Dilwale in the theatre and I would like to watch Bajirao Mastani, too, whenever I get the chance to. It goes without saying actually. Even Rohit (the director of the film Dilwale) has not seen it. He was going to a theatre but then we had some issues and he had to resolve that first so he had to come back. In the next two days even I will watch Dilwale in the theatre.”

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The veteran director Rohit Shetty was initially prepared to face the clash of Leela’s Bajirao Mastani. However, what affected the collections of Dilwale was not Bajirao Mastani but the ban on various local theatres. He said, “We all were aware that ‘Dilwale’ and ‘Bajirao Mastani’ are coming together, so, I was prepared for that competition and the harm we will give each other. But I think what affected the Friday and Saturday collections were the ban in Rajasthan and MP. Almost 40 per cent of the theaters were not showing the film and we resumed on Sunday morning… It’s all mathematics, how many theaters we are running in we will get the collections according to that.”

Rohit Shetty has not achieved the same response as he was expected to get from it. He stated, “Bans do harm the business, but when you go and talk to the people opposing the film, it all gets sorted. I have come to the conclusion that all this happens due to misunderstanding. And the issue easily gets resolved if you go and talk to them nicely. With ‘Star Wars’ releasing at the same time this kind of response overseas is great. I never really thought this kind of response will come from international circuit as I always knew ‘Star Wars’ was coming. I think Shah Rukh is very popular overseas or may be the SRK-Kajol chemistry is working in favour of the film.”

While bringing back the most iconic Jodi of the Bollywood industry, SRK and Kajol, was a cake walk for him. He further stated, “Bringing Shah Rukh and Kajol together was not planned. I narrated the script to Shah Rukh, he heard the character I had written for the girl and suggested why not take Kajol as it is an important role. Then we narrated the script and the moment it got over she promptly said yes. It was very easy to bring her on board.”

Rohit is also planning to watch Bajirao Mastani as soon as he gets a chance to watch it. He added, I was busy finishing the film. We have completed the film in five months. June 21st the film started. We were shooting and editing and working round the clock and were able to finish the film on Saturday for Friday release. I said I am not coming anywhere otherwise the film will not release. Currently I am busy with ‘Dilwale’ only, once I am through with it will definitely see the film sometime early next year. I have heard great things about Deepika Padukone and Ranveer Singh. They are friends and will surely see the film.”

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