Shah Rukh Khan – It Was A Schizophrenic Experience to Work for ‘Fan’

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Shah Rukh Khan, the Bollywood superstar is amused for his character that he has played in Maneesh Sharma’s film ‘Fan’. He says that it was a really an immense and interesting physical drain for him.

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SRK, who has recently completed his latest project with Yash Raj says about the film Fan, where he has to perform the duo characters like a superstar and a 24 years old guy who struggled hard to become or look like the superstar. SRK shared his experience while saying that the transformation of him into a 24-years old boy was a really tough and it took 4 hours by the prosthetics every day.

As talking with the PTI, Shah Rukh Khan has said, “Physically, it was extremely challenging to become 24. The prosthetics took about four hours… The guy is a look alike of someone who he loves. His story is a lot similar like mine. He follows the star as he feels the star is from Delhi and he can also be like his idol some day. But the story is different… To capture all that was very interesting and schizophrenic. I just hope that I have turned it out just okay.”

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Shah Rukh Khan is happy for his unique role and a Delhi-based guy in the film, ‘Fan’ and that he never played this role before it in any movie. He exposed his role that he played of the superstar Aryan Khanna in ‘Fan’ as it is as much delicated to his real life persona. “I am glad that I got the opportunity to play a Delhi boy. I used to hate it when actors, who are not from Delhi, will play Delhi guys. I used to think why I have not been given the chance to play a Delhi boy as I come from there. I am very happy now. I had forgotten the accent. It’s good to recapture that.”

The teaser of the film, ‘Fan’ has already released and attracts the fans of SRK. This novel character of SRK has appreciated by the audience. He added, “He is actually very quiet unlike the flamboyance you see of me coming out on my birthday and waving at thousands of people. I don’t do the same in that film. We have never shown the star at shooting. We have never shown his flamboyance. That’s very different. That’s itself is very internalised because that’s how perhaps I am at home, very normal and regular.”

The Badshah of Bollywood is just waiting for the National Award as he stated, “I am just waiting for the National award as I have decided to retire after getting one.”

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