Macklemore Song Discover ‘White Privilege’, Calls Out Iggy Azalea

macklemore and iggy
The veteran singer Macklemore has explored the phenomenon of racism, white cultured and diversity of traditions that vary from people to people and community to community. He exposed all this in his most anticipated song, ‘White Privilege II’.

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By producing this song, he raps about the position of a common man in the society especially about the black people who fights for their justice. He mentioned the names of Iggy Azalea, Elvis Presley and Miley Cyrus for the suitability of the black culture including with himself.

The soundtrack which was released this Friday and near to 9 minutes long video, has revealed the ‘Black Lives Matter’ movement. While rapping on his new songs with his musical partner, Ryan Lewis, “I wanna take a stance because we are not free, and I thought about it, we are not we. Am I in the outside looking in? Or am I in the inside looking out?”

Talking about this hip hop song, the music directors and other co-singers have shared their thoughts. Cori Murray, the director for Essence magazine, while giving an interview, “I appreciate his honesty and all the ways he’s looking at racism and his part in it. I don’t think there’s an easy answer and I think that he really did just say very plainly, …’I know I’m appropriating black culture but I’m trying to do it in the most authentic way.’”

The song, ‘White Privilege’ has been composed with the collaboration of two singers, Macklemore and Ryan Lewis and it was released in the same week when Will Smith, Jada Pinkett, Spike Lee and many others have claimed that they are going to boycott the Academy Awards for nominating all-white acting conservatively two years. The duo Seattle-based stars were not interviewed for their story, the website tells that “the song is the outcome of an ongoing dialogue with musicians, activists, and teachers within our community in Seattle and beyond.”

Rapping the names of the famous singer in his song, Macklemore caught the attention of the people. While rapping another point, he said, “You’ve exploited and stolen the music, the moment, the magic, the passion, the fashion you toyed with, the culture was never yours to make better, your Miley, your Elvis, your Iggy Azalea. We wanna dress like, talk like, walk like, dance like, but we just stand by, we take all we want from black culture, but do we show up for black lives?”

Azalea who is well known for her hit songs like ‘Black Widow’ and ‘Fancy’, took to Twitter to respond a fan’s indication the song to her, “He shouldnt have spent the last 3 yrs having friendly convos and taking pictures together at events etc if those were his feelings.”

Peter Rosenberg who is the co-host of the morning show ‘Ebro in the Morning’ and also played ‘White Privilege II’ during the radio show on early Friday. “You can take it as an all-out insult, as Iggy did … but that’s appropriate, it’s done factually. I like Elvis’ music, I think a lot of people appreciate the icon Elvis is, but that’s very much what it is,” he added, “Miley became one that really got irritating to a lot of people and I like that (Macklemore) did it. …It’s not like he’s just doing that blindly and not introspectively about himself also. You can be offended by it, but it’s not like he doesn’t include himself sort of in the conversation, because that’s what the whole song is about.”

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