Biggest Change to Eurovision Song Contest Voting Since 1975


The biggest event to modify the voting presentation in the Grand Final that will surely inject the enthusiasm and thrill in the contest ceremony. The voting in the Eurovision Song Contest is set to be fundamentally altered in 2016.

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While commenting on the previous results, the professional juries and viewers who have represented the results in a combined form, and each of them accounted for 50 per cent of the final score. From 2016, the professional panel of judges and televoters will give their votes and select the people from all across the world and rank them separately from 1 to 8, 10 and 12. The contest will select and becomes as a means of the top 10 countries by both, juries and televoters; and it will receive the points and rise up the excitement for the millions of viewers in Europe and away from it.

When the audience will cast its vote via various ways including SMS, telephone, official app, and many other anticipated opportunities, the spokespersons from 43 participated countries will call up to come forward to present the points of the national and professional jury. After the process score counting, the telephonic points from the participating countries will be combined to provide and allotted one score to each song.

The host of the contest will announce the final result in front of the audience. It will start declaring the points score from bottom to top which will grow up the enthusiasm among the audience. if you have missed the results and want to see the final score of the participants, then the results will be displayed of each participated country on

The EBU’s Jon Ola Sand, the Executive Supervisor of the Eurovision Song Contest has stated, “This new way of presenting the votes is a big step forward, both to make a better television show as well as a more exciting competition. There is more reason than ever to vote in the Eurovision Song Contest. The new voting format guarantees that the song which is most popular among the public will receive twelve points regardless of how the juries voted. It is fitting that this change to the Contest’s iconic scoring sequence will be debuted in Stockholm, where the famous douze points system was introduced in 1975.”

He added, “All competitions are enhanced by creating a dramatic finish. This was a unanimous decision taken by the Eurovision Song Contest Reference Group. It’s about creating TV magic.”

While on the other hand, the Executive Producer for the 2016 Eurovision Song Contest, Martin Österdahl has concluded, “In previous years the winner has been known for up to 20 minutes before the end of voting and that’s not good TV. This format change will inject a new level of excitement into the finish of the Eurovision Song Contest.”

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