Spotify’s New Tool Can Help Find Your Next Favorite Song

The selective play list aims to find out the artists before they become stars

Spotify hit and smashed gold the previous year with Discover Weekly, a custom-made playlist consisted of two-hours that is being sent by the editors to the users every week so that they may get an idea of new songs. Now it is decided to expand the other feature intended at music discovery.

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Fresh Finds is going to offer a wide range of song every week of the artists from ‘undiscovered’ who have not been listened broadly on Spotify, but now they are on the edge to make a breakout hit. The songs are being selected by the algorithmic variety and presented by the custom made edit of the Spotify staff.

Spotify to see the most buzzy new artists, scours all the music websites. The first service of its kind then identifies the users and listeners of each song of the artist. The playlist of the Fresh Finds is dubbed by the famous users and tastemakers to blend different genre of music.

According to a careful survey, Spotify is using around 50,000 listener’s habits to control the playlists. However, Discover Weekly keeps the individual taste of each user whereas Fresh Finds has a non-personalized peek for the songs as well as the artists that Spotify foretells to become more popular and widen in the near future, upcoming days.

The playlist of Fresh Finds is divided into different sections according to its genre such as electronic songs, hip-hop songs and vocal pop. Each playlist is updated on every Wednesday. Likewise, Discover Weekly, Fresh Finds was also developed by the previous employee at Echo Nest who is just like a competitor as Tidal tout and Apple Music.


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