Yo Yo Honey Singh – Romancing on Screen was Toughest


Singer cum rapper Yo Yo Honey Singh is an Indian based who has made his debut as a leading character in the Punjabi movie and its songs, ‘Zorawar’. He says that acting, especially romancing was really difficult for him than that of singing.

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A guy who has ever seen in the music and new song videos that equipped a number of hot girls and India’s most favorite stars including Sunny Leone and Sonakshi Sinha has stated, “It was very difficult acting. I feel it is a very tough job to portray someone else’s character, and to behave like that on screen. When I had heard the story, I thought it was very interesting and that it was a very serious and intense drama, and there is action. I thought it would be difficult because good actors, Mukul (Dev) and Pawanji (Malhotra) are there,” he said at the trailer launch of ‘Zorawar’. The toughest thing that I had to do in this film was the 15-20 minutes of romance with Parul (Gulati). She would always wonder what happened to me. I wouldn’t understand how to do romance, I would get uncomfortable. I was never seen with one girl in a video right, my videos always had many girls.”

What urged him to take and do acting, he has explained the entire idea of starting up as “I don’t consider myself just a rapper or just a singer, I’m a music producer, lyricist, I’m a poet as well, and acting is also a part of big entertainment. I call myself an entertainer, acting is the only thing which is left. I really want to learn acting also, I learned a lot in this movie how to do acting, you learn work by doing it, not by going to any institute.”

He has played many roles in the Indian films and in that film he has played as a character of a soldier who is on a quest in elegant action sequences with all his branding rhythmic rap numbers. Formerly, he made his roles in the most entertaining Punjabi movies and also took a short part in Himesh Rashemiya’s film ‘The Xpose’. He claimed that he was an ‘Ichadari Naag’ and an artist with multi talented who is all set to display his talents in entertainment and music. He said, “I was taken as a lead, so I got more serious, I have done a few other attempts for fun, but learned a lot there and perhaps with the help of that, someone thought I could be cast as a lead.”

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