Arijit Singh – Little Known Facts

Arijit Singh is one of the stunning and rising singers of the Bollywood industry who started his career as a singer in the realm of music. He spread out his spell with magical voice to the world. He was born in Jiaganj, Murshidabad, West Bengal on 25th April, 1987. He has celebrated his 29th birthday on the same date of this year along with his family members and Bollywood friends.

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The talented star was first appeared on the reality music show from where he has now approached the highest places of success. He has won the millions of hearts through his honeyed voice. His romantic and passionate songs like Tum Hi Ho, Aye Dil Bata, Pal Pal, and Gerua have been appreciated on a large scale by the audience. He has become very popular among the Bollywood filmmakers and for this reason, he can be seen in almost consecutive all movies songs of the Bollywood industry.

Arijit has a charming voice which has made him to think of increasing his charges for live shows. The gossiping about his the 29 years old star has exposed that Arijit has become the only one singer of the Bollywood industry who has increased his fee charges for live shows on public places.

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The superstar has a variety of songs and he expressed the emotions and feelings of a common man through the medium of his unbeatable songs. His magical music tracks have spelled all across the globe till this date. This great singer is not only well known among the Indians but Pakistani as well. The news was made up by some fake news makers that the rock star is to perform in Islamabad. The gossips about this music event was running on the social media which was turned out to be fake.


The youngsters were planning to attend this music event and almost 29, 000 attendees were interested in attending this show. Later, Arijit has cleared up that the news about his expected concert is totally faked. There is no any planning to visit there in Pakistan such as. He posted on his Facebook page and said, “Have received several emails, messages on facebook about someone promoting an event in Islamabad on 28th May. We dont have any event planned as such . The promotion is fake and unauthorised. There is not even any discussion regarding this . This is for general information so that no one gets cheated by these fake promotions.”

In the recent past, Arijit has made an emotional romantic song, ‘Soch’ which is originally sung by the other singer in a Punjabi version. This original Indian Punjabi song is composed by Hardy Sandhu who is sad on this remake for another Indian film, Airlift by Arijit. Hardy has told, “Dukh toh hota hi hai. (I’m bound to feel sad). I was upset when they got Arijit Singh to sing the Hindi version and the recording label chose to ignore me who sang the original version. Woh gaana dil mein bas gaya hai. We’ve sung that song so many times and it is so special that I’d have loved to sing its film version as well.”

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