Salman Khan Breaks His Silence On Marriage Rumors With Lulia Vantur

                                    breaks silence
After many rumors around, Salman Khan breaks his silence on the supposed marriage of Salman Khan and Lulia Vantur. Almost everyone in the industry did rumor about his marriage except the person himself. While giving an interview to the media person, the veteran actor broke his silence over this topic.

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The Bajrangi Bhaijaan star spoke out when he was asked about the rumors of his legal relations with Lulia Vantur. The actor said, “If I want to talk to my fans about my marriage, I have got my own platform to do that. I have Twitter and Facebook, etc. It wouldn’t be fair for me to speak about this (his marriage) to a particular channel or newspaper, and not to others. Whenever it has to happen, the news will come directly from me. No marriage is happening. At least, it’s not in my head so far.”

He showed his disappointment and expressed his irritation over this. He has his own opinion that such kind of frivolous gossips could affect a woman and calls her integrity into question. He reminded the speculations that begin from the right one when he was spotted with Lulia Vantur at a wedding party. He said,

“Yes, we did go to that party, but am I not allowed to go anywhere with anybody? So, if I am seen outside with any woman, will I be married off to her? One has to understand one’s responsibility towards a woman. The media keeps saying, ‘Salman will get married on this date or that t date.’ But when it (marriage) doesn’t happen, it’s only the girl who suffers. Aise bolke aapne uski izzat ki dhajjiyan hi udaa di (you have stripped her of all her respect). They (the media) have dishonoured a woman regardless of whether she is s an Indian or a foreigner. In such cases, the media gives hope to the woman and puts s pressure on me… And this is not good; I also look like an insensitive person, who is not interested in getting married.”

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