Salman Khan to Marry by the end of 2016?

salman to marry lulia.jpg

Salman Khan fans are awaiting to hear some good news from the superstar soon. Because whenever it is asked by him that – ‘when you are getting married?’, he has always never had any answer to this question. Although, he is 50 but he is still considered as the most eligible bachelor among the others in India. As per the ongoing buzz which has something to go by then it is that the superstar is going to bid adieu his bachelorhood by the end of 2016.

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Various legal and professional magazine owners quoted blind items in their magazines which clearly dropped some hints that indicate about the ‘superstar’ and his ‘foreigner girlfriend Lulia’. has told in the Mumbai Mirror that “So the not-young and single superstar may well be married by the year’s end. The forever bachelor has decided that nuff’s nuff. We hear his current girlfriend, a foreigner, may soon end up being the most powerful woman in the film biz. Not an enviable spot, we assure you, for it isn’t her love that will make him pop ring. Rather it’s his ailing mum, who wants to see her baby boy well taken care of. Oh, the more things change.”

In this statement, the ‘solo superstar’ is none other than but Salman Khan and the foreigner could well be Lulia Vantur. Beforehand, the two have become the headlines because of their close relationship and also they have been spotted together many times on the same occasions.

After such rumors and statements, no one knows when Salman may make up his mind to get married and stand among his contemporaries – Aamir Khan and Shahrukh Khan.

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