Deccanwood: An Indian Film Industry taking on Bollywood


There are many languages in India that are being spoken by the minorities. The filmmakers of such regional areas are fear and worried about the dominant of Bollywood, Hindi language film industry. Thus Bollywood Hindi films and Songs expand all the global markets with different genres as many of them are unable to speak to them directly so they found alternatives to accomplish it.

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The regional filmmakers have created their own industries and fan bases to follow. Among them there are most well known woods that created by the regional filmmakers like Kollywood which is based on the films of Tamil language and the other one is Tollywood, the Telegu film industry. There are also many other woods besides these two ones which I raged.

One of these woods has reached out as boldly to the same market standard as Bollywood do. The Hyderabad Deccan Urdu film industry which is also well known as Deccanwood has made its first cinema film public in 2005. Since then, a number of local films have been produced in Hyderabad with the collaboration of Bollywood productions.

This Hyderabad Deccan Urdu film industry caters to the same language speakers as Bollywood, but it offers local dialects and accents that seem to appeal. The administrative at a manufacturing plant, Abrar Khan who has recently started working in Deccanwood stated, “In 2010, I made my first video, Hyderabad Diaries.”

He mentioned that after getting the rave review by the fans, he started running Hyderabad Diaries ON YouTube. He added, “The number of views were very low but the reviews were mostly positive. But soon the views started increasing as did the positive reviews and now it’s the most subscribed Hyderabad YouTube channel.”

The actor-director told Al Jazeera that it was a large number of fans base and the audience that motivated him to make or shoot weekly videos of Hyderabad Diaries. He said, “I love filmmaking, that was the reason I started. But our audience loved our work, that was the reason I continued to do it.”

Khan now-a-days is excited for his upcoming film Dubai Return which is slated to be released during the Muslim celebration of Eid ul Fitr holidays.

While the Deccanwood film industry is growing day by day but it is sustainable or not, Khan has spoken out confidently as “I believe this industry has a lot of seriously untapped potential. With a healthy budget and some insanely talented directors like Aziz Naser [a noted Hyderabad film director], I think we can give many mainstream movies a run for their money.”

He added, “Revenue always depends on the final product, as we don’t get to release our films in a lot of theatres. The opening weekend collection is comparatively very low compared with films from other industries. But if the film is a hit with the public, then let me tell you there are Hyderabad movies which have earned as much as $300,000.”

To sum up all this discussion, we can say that although Deccanwood is running by the part time actors and producers in the Urdu-Hindi language as Bollywood but the future of this film industry looks promising.

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