Shah Rukh Khan Spotted Pokemon Go Characters While Detained at the U.S. Airport

Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan was at the Los Angeles International Airport where he was detained for a few hours without any reason. He was questioned for third time by the US officials fueling the statements of racial profiling. Whereas, he remained calm there and give voice to his frustration after releasing.

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The superstar of Dilwale was released without giving any reason for being detained. To outburst his thoughts and feelings, Khan took to Twitter and exposed that although it is for the sake of security checks but it was frustrating for being detained every time. Later, he remarks humorously that he had spotted there a number of Pokemon Go characters.

He wrote, “I fully understand & respect security with the way the world is, but to be detained at the US immigration every damn time really really sucks,” he added, “The brighter side is while waiting caught some really nice Pokemons.”

The U.S. ambassador to India went into damage control quickly and to address the situation he took to the embassy’s official twitter. Richard Verma, the ambassador, apologized for the incident saying that the embassy is working out to make it sure that this was not repeated. He pointed out that Khans works and his Indian Movies are really inspired to those in the US.

Richard Verma took to twitter and said, “Sorry for the trouble at LAX @iamsrk. We are working to ensure it doesn’t happen again. Your work inspires millions, including in the US.”

Khan was detained previously in 2009 and was released two hours later following Indian embassy intervention at Newark Airport. Thereafter, in 2012 Khan was reportedly detained near New York at White Plains for 90 minutes following his arrival into the country on his private jet.

Reasons to Khan’s detention are being pointed at overly zealous security services targeting those with Muslim sounding names since the 9/11 attacks, Variety reported. In 2010, the actor starred in a film titled “My Name Is Khan” which further added to the controversy surrounding his visits. Khan played an autistic Muslim man in the film who attempts to meet the US President.

In another instance, it is reported that Indian diplomat Hardeep Puri was asked to remove his turban at an airport in Houston, Texas. When Puri refused to do so on religious grounds he was then detained in a holding room.

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